2013 National Poetry Slam

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NPS 2013
Boston, MA
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 to Saturday, 17 August 2013

For information about the competition and festival, please visit the official site at nps2013.poetryslam.com.

Team finals scores won't be posted until after the bout, but we are live streaming the show for free at nps2013.poetryslam.com! So go watch them there!

Team Finals

  1. Slam New Orleans (SNO) - 113.4
  2. Da Poetry Lounge - 112.8
  3. The Nuyorican Poets Cafe - 112.6
  4. Elevated! - 109.9

Group Piece Champions

Congratulations to Team Neo Soul and The Intangible Slam, who tied for first! Check out all those scores here.

Semifinal 1

Venue: Middle East Downstairs. MC: Theresa Davis, Bout Managers: Lori Beth, Michelle Nimmo

Showcase: Dada

  • Elevated!
  • Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam
  • Bay Area UNIFIED
  • Denver Mercury
  • SlamCharlotte

Semifinal 2

Venue: Cambridge College. MC: Greg B, Bout Managers: Tatyana Brown, Joanna Hoffman

Showcase: Pierced Ear

  • Da Poetry Lounge
  • Beltway Poetry Slam
  • SlamMN!
  • Portland Poetry Slam
  • Mental Grafitti

Semifinal 3

Venue: YMCA, MC: JW Basilo, Bout Managers: Nick Fox, Tricia Pryce Henley

Showcase: Soapboxing

  • NYC Urbana
  • The Nuyorican Poets Cafe
  • Austin Poetry Slam
  • Lawn Gnome
  • ABQ Slams

Semifinal 4

Venue: Askwith, MC: Eboni Hogan, Bout Managers: Cyndi Keeley, Isaac Grambo

Showcase: NYC Louder Arts

  • Writing Wrongs Poetry Slam
  • Slam New Orleans (SNO)
  • SlamNuba
  • Slam Free or Die
  • Inkwell Poetry Slam

Group Piece Finals

Venue: Middle East Downstairs, MC: Danez Smith, Bout Managers: Kat Sanford, Dawn Gabriel

  • Team Neo-Soul
  • Houston VIP
  • Salt City Slam
  • Sedona Poetry Slam
  • Battle Born
  • Dallas Poetry Slam
  • Java Monkey Slam
  • The Coffee Shop Poetry Slam
  • Seattle Poetry Slam
  • Hear Here
  • Calibration: Intangible Slam
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