Relative Strength

The top twenty teams in the preliminary rounds advance to the semi-finals. The teams are placed first by their total from from the two preliminary bouts in which they performed. If they won the first bout (rank 1) and came in second in their last bout (rank 2), their total rank would be three (3). Often this results in ties, as many teams can receive the same total rank. To break ties, the Slammaster's voted to use the following system, known as the "Relative Strength" system. This system was created by Alvin Lau.

At the end of preliminary rounds, the rank of every opponent a team has faced is averaged together, and that average is used for the tiebreaker.

For example:

Team A, Bout 1 Team A, Bout 2
Team A 2nd Team A 1st
Team B 1st + 3rd Team E 2nd + 1st
Team C 3rd +2nd Team F 3rd + 1st
Team D 4th + 4th Team G 4th + 3rd
Opponent's total ranks = 31, Average Rank = 5.17

So on the final score sheet, Team A would have a rank of 3 with 5.17 tiebreakers.

In the event of a second tiebreaker is needed, we revert to raw score.
This system should also be used to seed semi-finals.