2011 Individual World Poetry Slam

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Cleveland, OH
Thursday, 13 October 2011 to Saturday, 15 October 2011
Prelim Bouts: 
Number of Competitors: 

The Individual World Poetry Slam, or iWPS is a performance poetry tournament much like NPS, though designed for individual competition. Poets from all over the world meet and compete in a multi-day performance poetry contest. iWPS got it’s start in April 2003, when Poetry Slam Inc. voted to start a new event: the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship. The idea was to pull poets from both certified poetry slam venues around the world and individual poets not affiliated with any certified venues (storm poets). These poets would compete to declare who was THE number one poet in the world.

The 2011 Individual World Poetry Slam is being held in Cleveland, OH. For more information on the tournament and the events, please see the Official Site.

Final Results

  • Winner: Chris August
  • 2nd: Jesse Parent
  • 3rd: Kait Rokowsky
  • 4th (tie): Tatyana Brown and Brian Omni Dillon

Update: Prelims Complete

    The finalists are:
  • Ed Mabrey
  • Suzi Q
  • Chris August
  • Storm Thomas
  • Kait Rokowski
  • Danez Smith
  • Alvin Lau
  • Brian Omni Dillon
  • Tatyana Brown
  • Joanna Hoffman
  • Michael Lee
  • Jesse Parent
  • Robyn Bateman
  • Calibration: Emily Rose